Zoar Village was founded in 1817 by a group of over 200 German Separatists seeking escape from religious persecution in their homeland. Zoar is said to be haunted and the village has been visited by many ghost hunters including the well known reality show "Ghost Hunters." The village also conducts it's own ghost tours every year beginning in October. Normal tours are offered year-round for those who would like to take a stroll through these very cool, and very old buildings. 


Zoar Village is made up of approximately 75 families living in homes built from 1817 to the present.

Historic Zoar Village is a must-see destination for anyone interested in history, art, or architecture.  But the greater Zoar area isn’t just for history buffs! With a central location convenient for plenty of shopping, dining, museums, theaters, music, gardens, and wineries, we can promise you Historic Zoar Village and the surrounding area is well worth the trip.


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